What is Bitcoin?

In short, it is the future of money. For more information, click this link.


What happens if I lose my CircBit Coin?

Like gold or cash, if you lose your physical CircBit Coin, you lose the stored value, your Bitcoins. Unlike gold or cash, if you lose your CircBit Coin, someone cannot take your Bitcoins without your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

We believe that PIN and password recovery options in other wallets are often convoluted and/or create vulnerabilities. To mitigate losses, we suggest you keep at least one of your CircBit Coins in a locked safe with your PIN written next to it. Unless you are an expert in cryptography, do not store more Bitcoins than you are willing to lose on one CircBit Coin.


How is CircBit Coin related to Bitcoin?

CircBit Coin is a ‘cold-storage’ wallet. Due to laws and regulations, CircBit Technologies, LLC is currently not setup to sell Bitcoins. What you are purchasing is considered a wallet in the form of a metal round.


How can I purchase Bitcoins?

Click here for more information on the various resources where you can purchase Bitcoins. You can then transfer Bitcoins to your CircBit Coin using the address provided upon initial configuration.


How are Bitcoins actually stored on the CircBit Coin?

Think of it this way…

CircBit allows you to create a digital key on a chip imbedded inside your coin. That key is protected by encryption through the CircBit App with your PIN. That same key is then used to access your own ‘lockbox’ within the ‘bank vault’ that is the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing you to make a transfer, or check your balance, at any time.


Have more questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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